Happy Cow launches Summer Fresh Fruit Series

Let you get fresh in this summer

Happy Cow Frozen Dessert is not included milk, egg, soy gluten and cholesterol, and it is less sugar comparing with other brands in the market. For the foodie or dessert lover, you don’t need to worry about having Happy Cow frozen dessert because of the food allergies and health issue. Everyone can enjoy, share and have this delicious frozen dessert.

Want to get fresh in this summer? Happy Cow launches Summer Fresh Fruit Series, let you get fresh in this summer! Happy Cow also provides Buy 1 Get 1 FREE cup of scooping during one month.


Offer period: From now on until 30 Sept 2019

Offer details: Buy 1 Get 1 FREE cup of scooping

*For the first cup, it needs to be those four new flavors, and the second cup can be any other flavors except Golden Pillow Durian flavor

<Summer Fresh Fruit Series>

- Golden Pillow Durian -

In this summer, Happy Cow brings you the special edition flavor – Golden Pillow Durian, it is also a limited edition, while the stock lasts. We choose 100% fresh and top variety Golden Pillow Durian from Thailand. Happy Cow Golden Pillow Durian frozen dessert tastes soft and smooth, durian flavor - you can feel the soft Golden Pillow durian meat when tasting, it seems like tasting a real durian. If you are a fan of durian, we are sure you will love it!

- Strawberry -

Happy Cow Strawberry frozen dessert always be made from fresh fruit, that’s why everyone loves it! Now Happy Cow brings you the upgraded version, the newly recipe uses double strawberries, ensuring you can taste the strawberry in every bite. The strawberry flavor tastes even stronger and the color is now a cute pink, but without using any artificial coloring.

- Pineapple Coconut -

Pineapple with Coconut is perfect match for the summer. Happy Cow relaunches Pineapple Coconut flavor. We choose the whole fresh pineapple from Philippines, peel and blend the pineapple, and mix with the creamy coconut cream, it tastes fresh and so refreshing! Moreover, pineapple contains bromelin and rich cellulose to help digestion, which is the best choice after dinner.

- Banana Caramel -

Happy Cow relaunches Banana Caramel Swirl flavor. We use fresh banana from Philippines as a base, and swirl Happy Cow homemade caramel. The sweetness of banana and caramel balances perfectly. If you are a fan of banana, don’t miss this chance!

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Our Company

Happy Cow is a Hong Kong based manufacturer and distributor of dairy free frozen dessert established in 2013. Our mission is to produce the finest quality plant based frozen dessert in Asia with a commitment to creating a healthier alternative for people and the planet. 

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Our Product

At Happy Cow, we strive to create a worry-free frozen dessert, so you can enjoy your favourite cold dessert without putting a deep freeze on sweets. All products are vegan, low glycemic and free of dairy, egg, soy, gluten and cholesterol.

Our frozen dessert is made from the delicious blend of coconut cream and organic coconut sugar, mixed with handmade jams and fruits. We never use artificial flavors, colourings and preservatives. All our products are vegan and halal certified. 

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